30 Nov 2015

First 10m WSPR spot today

You can tell it is not too great on 10m WSPR today as I have only just had my beacon spotted for the first time today.  This was by RA3UDF (2693km) at 1110z - single hop F2.  Today is going to be a struggle.
UPDATE 1404z:  FR1GZ ( 9724km) has spotted me a few times on 10m WSPR and M0LMH (223km) has spotted me a few times in daytime on 472kHz.

UPDATE 1648z:  With no USA spots on 10m so far today, I think this is going to be another day without the spots from the USA on 10m WSPR. Others may have been luckier: my 10m ERP cannot be great.

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PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, propagation didn't look good at all today. Even 11m was almost closed except for some russian callers. Then suddenly J52HF (Guinea Bissau) was calling and came in with 59. Only station on 10m here and 2 times calling made the QSO. Probabely there is propagation to Africa but no-one notices as there are almost no stations. 73, Bas