13 Nov 2015

QSYed from 6m to 630m

At 1846z I QSYed from 6m to 630m for the evening and night. I am still also on 10m WSPR at present, but will probably go QRT on 10m in the next few hours. On 6m today a few spots of G8VDQ (93km) but nothing further.

UPDATE 2100z:  I see that G0KTN (210km) has spotted my 5mW ERP for the first time this autumn at 2028z on 472kHz WSPR.

UPDATE 2105z:  So far this evening just 6 unique stations spotted here on 472kHz WSPR.  I expect this number will increase overnight.

UPDATE 2300z: I find it hard to believe but there are only 6 TXing 472kHz WSPR stations in the whole of Europe shown on WSPRnet and I appear to be the only UK TXing station currently! Just copied OZ0IL (788km). This is the first OZ I have seen on 472kHz WSPR this autumn. I am still using the barefoot FT817 with no preamp and the earth-electrode "antenna". As EA5DOM appears not to be on tonight, my best this evening is DH5RAE (995km) on 472kHz WSPR RX.

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