11 Nov 2015

472kHz WSPR

I have just QSYed to 630m (472kHz) from 6m. ERP is around 5mW (20% TX, 80% RX without preamp) using my homebrew transverter. I really ought get a better 472kHz antenna up for the winter. The earth-electrode "antenna" radiates, but I reckon a loop would be at least 6dB better. I not sure about a low Marconi.

UPDATE 1906z:  F5WK (436km) was the first MF spot this evening.

UPDATE 2025z:  PA0A (417km) has been spotted and has spotted me on 472kHz WSPR.

UPDATE 2315z:  I find it hard to believe, but according to WSPRnet I am the only G station transmitting on 472kHz WSPR. G3XKR (347km) in North Devon has just spotted me.


Ken May said...

Hi Roger,
one problem with WSPRnet is that is does not show transmitters such as my U3 that is transmitting most nights. Unless it gets spotted, it does not show up as being on air. I usually have my Rx hopping the bands and this does not show up on all bands I am active on. Sometime I get a nice surprise and get spotted by someone on, but not showing on WSPRnet. Not sure how to get around the Tx only problem.

73 Ken G4APB

Roger G3XBM said...

Ken, I agree that not showing stations who have not been spotted for 10 minutes is a limitation of WSPRnet. Often there is more activity than realised. On the quieter bands they should remove this limitation, if possible, in my view.