28 Sep 2015

472kHz RX

Using the RX preamp is allowing me to give stations I spot better reports, but my best DX stubbornly still stands at 995km to a German station. There are EA and SV stations active that I have not spotted yet this season. I shall leave the RX on overnight and hope they are active. I think both should be copyable, even with the earth-electrode "antenna". It would be good to copy one of the USA stations too at some point. I have managed to copy one before but never from this QTH on MF.

UPDATE 2148z:  I have now closed my 500mW 10m WSPR beacon until breakfast. Despite the early promise (lots of spots from Israel), not a single spot from North or South America today. With conditions looking good I really thought today would have been better on 10m. 6m was a dead loss yet again. I tend to go on 6m and 10m daytime. I am still active on 472kHz WSPR receive and will remain looking overnight until breakfast. The best nights so far have yielded spots from 12 unique stations on 472kHz WSPR.

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