23 Apr 2015

Sunspots and 10m - Thurs April 23rd 2015

Sunspot number has dropped back to 134 (K=4) and 10m propagation is expected to be "fair". I am not expecting great things on 10m WSPR today although I have often been surprised.

UPDATE 0916z:   Local G4IKZ (18km) is the only station spotting my 500mW so far this morning on 10m WSPR.

UPDATE 1053z:   Still just the spots from local G4IKZ on 10m, with nothing resembling DX spotting me. Ho hum. I hope the band livens up later.

UPDATE 1434z:   EA8BVP (2986km) has spotted me several times in the last hour but nothing further afield, so far, today.

UPDATE 1730z:  We may have had some 10m Es propagation as CT1 and EA1 stations have been spotting me over teatime.  It is possible that Es in this direction can link up with higher MUFs further south.

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