23 Apr 2015

6m WSPR yesterday (and today)

It seems I was only using an ERP of around 250mW on 6m WSPR yesterday as I had forgotten to reset the power on my FT817. I wonder if this is why I had so few spots? Today it is set correctly.

6m WSPR spots so far this morning
UPDATE 0922z:   Being spotted quite well by G8XWR (150km) this morning on 6m WSPR and also spotting him.  Not sure if this is pure tropo or there is some help from aircraft reflections. Probably the latter.

UPDATE 1202z:   Still plenty of spots from G8XWR (I have spotted him twice too) but no spots of anyone else on 6m.  Maybe, just maybe, things will live up with some 6m Es, although there has been no sign as yet of this on 10m. Normally Es is seen first on 10m, then 6m.

UPDATE 1504z:  No sign, so far, of any other stations on 6m.

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