22 Feb 2015

QRT on 10m now, on 160m WSPR now and overnight

The 10m beacon has been turned off until after breakfast tomorrow, but the 160m WSPR station is still running and will remain on overnight.

Later tomorrow I will probably try a different band, most likely 40m on the Par end-fed triband antenna. It will be this antenna that my 40m Pixie will be tried on. On 40m this antenna is quite low so further WSPR tests will be useful.   As this triband antenna is also the antenna used on 10m I shall have to go QRT on 10m when I fire up on 40m.  This probably won't be until early evening Monday.

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Dave Teague said...

Hello Roger,
I ran WSPR here on 160 meters overnight last night with 1 watt. Using a 160/80 meter dipole up 17 meters. Did receive 2 stations from the UK. I just posted the results from last night on my site k5mq.com.
73, Dave K5MQ