22 Feb 2015

Pixie (40m) progress

40m Pixie kit
Pixie kit - being built
After carefully unpacking this kit today I checked all the parts were there and measured all values for correctness. The kit was very well packed and everything was there. Even at the price I paid ($10 with shipping by air included) it represents very good value.

The kit comes with a nice silk screened and well labelled PCB, crystal, all parts, schematic and a parts list. It would be hard to buy the bits for the price I paid. G1KQH paid even less!

I now realise that for close-up work I need better glasses!  Fortunately I have a small assembly aid that includes a magnifying glass. I am taking the build slowly and it is quite exhausting for me.  However, the actual assembly is going well. Last year, for me, this would have been impossible. I can still solder - big steps, HI.

Although the Pixie will be tested on the air, the important personal test is the building. It proves that, with some effort on my part, the world of experimental amateur radio is still there for me. You have no idea what this small step means to me.

Before too long I want to get out in the countryside and try again with my VLF and optical tests. It has been a long long long time.


pedro said...

Go Roger !!! I am happy to see some you are building some projects.

73 from portugal CT5JZX

Steve McDonald said...

Just wonderful news to hear Roger...another giant step forward!

Steve VE7SL 73

G1KQH said...

Mine are back on offer again at a cool £4.68p or $7.19 each.(Inc P&P) Offer ends in less than 2 days so bite now while the Pixie is hot!


73 G1KQH

Todd Dugdale said...

Great to hear the news.
Take it slow, keep it fun. You've got this. There's no deadline.


Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks everyone for your best wishes and encouragement.