11 Jan 2015

Low cost Chinese TCXO for FT817

In a recent email from Steve G1KQH he brings to our attention a very low cost TCXO for the FT817 from China:
You still standing after the winds?
Did you see that mention in PW about that Chinese TCXO for the 817 at a 1/4 of the price of the Yaesu one:
I searched TCX0-9 on ebay and quite a few came up his is the best price so far, if I find better I will let you know
Now who is going to try one first?
73 Steve G1KQH"


G1KQH said...

Since sending you the info Roger.. G8JNJ contacted me about the warming affect the radio has on the TCXO:

Hi Steve,

This is being discussed on the FT857 Yahoo group at the moment.

I posted this in response.


Hi All,

The main problem with rig frequency stability occurs during TX cycles when the inside to the rig gets hot. Even the Yaesu TCXO doesn't fix this problem.

Wrapping the TCXO board with thin polystyrene packaging foam helps to vastly reduce the problems associated with short duration thermal cycling.

I've done this mod with TCXO's in both FT897's and 857's and they are now just about stable enough for WSPR on 2m. Before doing this the TXCO's were not stable enough for operation on 10m and 6m, and resulted no decodes and 'Banana' shaped traces on the WSPR RX waterfall.


Martin - G8JNJ


Michael Reichardt said...

I did some mesurements with this TCXO and wrote about that on my Blog. Have a look at http://dl2ymr.de/amateurfunk/messung-der-freqeuenzdrift-am-yaesu-ft-857-mit-tcxo-aus-china/
73 de DL2YMR