11 Jan 2015

Australian 10m WSPR spot

This morning at 1124z, VK5MR (16144km) copied my 10m 500mW WSPR-AXE-CW beacon for what will probably be my best DX today. His report of me was -26dB S/N, i.e. not strong. No other great DX reports received on 10m. First USA WSPR spot of my 500mW was by KC1AWS (5308km) at 1220z. He was spotting me well at -16dB S/N.

So far, 6m WSPR as been a dead loss again. I sync'd to internet time twice today on the 6m kit. Not a single 6m spot given and received since I started just after breakfast. Really I am wasting effort of 6m currently.   I would be better on a totally different band for a change.

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