12 Jun 2014

Return to 6m

Just after midday local time I returned to 6m having switched off last night. So far, only G4IKZ (18km) is spotting me on WSPR and at excellent strength (+10/+11 dB S/N despite cross-polarisaton). No Es (yet) and no GDX (yet) but there is a lot of time today still to come.

UPDATE 1542z:  Just spots all afternoon from G4IKZ and no-one else so far.

UPDATE 1800z:   CN8LI (2113km) and I have exchanged WSPR spots 7 times since 1604z, many at great strength again. Es I assume although this propagation is almost predictable! No EAs active on WSPR so if multi-hop Es I shall never know.

Again there is a distinct lack of east coast USA stations, so any E-W multi-hop Es events across the Atlantic will go unnoticed on 6m WSPR today. A crying shame. East coast USA WSPR stations - where are you? We need YOU on and active!

UPDATE 1808z:  First Es in the other direction today - OH5MD (1757km) has spotted my 1W ERP at 1800z.

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