12 Jun 2014

East Coast USA 6m WSPR stations - where are you?

One of these spring/summer days, 6m is going to open across the Atlantic again by Es, but unless there are active 6m WSPR stations along the east coast of the USA any openings will probably be missed on WSPR. This would be a great shame as WSPR is some 12-14dB better than CW, so WSPR would be a great mode to winkle out fleeting openings. Even modest antennas and low power should do.

So, if you have WSPR and live along the east coast of the USA and Canada PLEASE come on 50.293MHz USB dial.  You may be part of some historic firsts.

I don't believe 6m WSPR has crossed the Atlantic yet, but I'm sure I'll be told if wrong. I worked a station on CW in the USA with QRP CW in summer 2007 with around 1W ERP and the V2000 vertical. WSPR should be 12-14dB easier.

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