25 Jun 2014

QSYed down to 10m WSPR

In view of the quiet conditions on 6m, I have moved down to 10m WSPR instead just after 1330z. EA1KV (1304km) has spotted me 4 times already at good strength by Es. I am really hoping for some F2-layer DX but conditions don't look too favourable today.

EA1KV was spotted by me at 1414z at -3dB  S/N. Very strongly. I also spotted him at 1422z.  No other Es stations yet seen on 10m. No locals or GDX either.
UPDATE 1512z:   EA5CYA recently spotted by me. 10m is open to Spain at least. PA0O also spotted at 440km. Wondering if this is Es? Very short skip if it is. Doesn't look like tropo or aircraft.

UPDATE 1535z:  V53ARC is being spotted at good strength by DK6UG, so there is F2 propagation N-S on 10m today. I wonder if I'll see him here later?

UPDATE 1609z: EA1KV, DJ3LE (100mW) and PA0O all being spotted. This looks like a widespread EU Es opening on 10m. Still no sign of V53ARC here (yet) from Namibia.

UPDATE 1642z:  Just spotted (and been spotted by) M0MVB (30km) for my first "local" on 10m. With 3Hz Doppler on his signal, it is pretty likely planes were involved. Interestingly, there was zero Doppler on my signal with him.

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