25 Jun 2014

6m Es - path to CN8LI again open

My first Es copy by CN8LI (2113km) today on WSPR was at 1124z this morning when he gave me a strong -12dB S/N report. I suspect we'll exchange lots more spots later by Es.

Sunspot count today is a modest 37 and 20-30MHz propagation forecast to be "fair" only. There may be some F2  propagation on 10m later, but probably not today.

Most 6m spots so far are from local G4IKZ (18km) and a few from G0OQK (98km - last spot 0846z 0dB Doppler). Still not certain if G0OQK is copyable by tropo without the presence of planes. I suspect not, but would be happier if I could receive G0OQK by tropo alone.

At the times of writing, there are only 31 station active on 6m WSPR in the entire world. There are even fewer on 10m (29). These are very low indeed in my view.

UPDATE 1320z:   No more reports from CN8LI since 1124z.


Tim said...

Hi Roger,

Does use of the AirScout software help resolve the question about tropo / aircraft scatter, perhaps.

My feeling, like you, is that a lot of the GDX we have seen on 50MHz is aircraft scatter, but I am very open to being proven wrong!

Vy 73, Tim G4VXE

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, I'm not active on 6m WSPR lately but instead on the JT65 frequency 50.276 between 19-20 UTC.
Last 2 days I received CT1GVN from Faro Portugal -19 to -26dB. No QSO unfortenately. That is defenitely no aircraft scatter. I can't even see anything in the "waterfall" from his signal. 73, Bas

Roger G3XBM said...

Tim, I need to use Airscout to see. I agree with you that a lot of GDX on 6m is because of aircraft and would not be possible otherwise. I'd like to think "pure" tropo is enough but the evidence is that plamns are needed for many paths.

Bas, will give JT65 a go on 6m soon.

Roger G3XBM said...

That should say "planes" and not "plamns". My typo.