18 Jun 2014

6m GDX tonight

No Es here on 6m WSPR since I QSYed to 6m around 1500z. There has been some GDX again, G8JNJ/A (184km) was spotting me at -24dB S/N at 2128z.  Doppler was low suggesting tropo without aircraft reflections, or aircraft crossing the path at right angles (so little/no Doppler).

Again I am bitterly disappointed with the lack if USA/Canadian east coast stations on WSPR.  As of 2145z there were still ZERO stations active on WSPR from that area. Come on lads! Give we Europeans a chance of being spotted over there!

Unless there is some interest from the east coast USA/Canada on WSPR very soon it will be time to abandon 6m WSPR this season. I have been spotted all over Europe, in N.Africa and in Israel (3519km) with just 1W ERP in the last few months.  I was hoping for the USA or Canada on WSPR this season. If there are zero stations at the other side there is no point in continuing.

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