18 Jun 2014

6m - active WSPR stations : why so few?

This shows the total number of stations active in the whole world on 6m WSPR - just 35. As you can see, there is zero activity in the eastern seaboard states of the USA or Canada apart from W4.

Please, please give this very sensitive mode a try. It is about 12-14dB better than CW so very modest antennas and low power are fine.  Even just on RX would be a start. Nearly half in the world on 6m WSPR is just receiving. There are transatlantic openings being missed.
Just 35 stations worldwide active on 6m WSPR at 1915z

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PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, I'll do some WSPR on 6 sometimes. The problem only is that I don't want to let the computer run the whole day 24/7. I've been thinking and looking for a computer that doesn't consume too much energy. Just for WSPR purpose. May be a arduino is a option for this purpose. It seems WSPR can be installed on linux based computers as well. 73, Bas