25 Jun 2014

10m WSPR results so far today

These are the unique reports sent and received on 10m WSPR today. In most cases there were multiple reports each way and this list shows these just once. In all, a widespread Es opening on 10m plus some useful distances on GDX signals.
10m WSPR unique reports today
Currently HB9JOI (835km) is coming in here on 10m WSPR at a colossal +12dB S/N signal with 2W, stronger than the locals! Such is Es when the skip is just right.

UPDATE 1840z: IK1WVQ is coming through at -2dB S/N which is also big.

UPDATE 1845z:  Best 10m DX here today is still a spot from EA1KV (1304km). This is far less than on 6m.

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