25 Jun 2014

1000 visits a day

This blog seems to receive an average of around 1000 visits a day. Sometimes it is less if I've not had much to say. I thank you all for your continued interest.

It has not been easy of late because of my stroke and the fact that (presently) I am doing far less building than in the past because of my poor health. I hope to be back to near normal health again soon (later this year?) with a similar level of experimentation as in earlier years. Right now, I'm still too wobbly to solder and climb ladders. People have been very kind. My voice is still poor so digital modes are best e.g WSPR, JT65 and  JT9.

For now, I write about what I can still do and the things that interest me. I hope you stick with me until the sun shines fully in my life again. At the moment it seems to be hiding in the clouds.


hg said...

I checked the weather forecast for the Roger county: cloudy atmosphere to finish soon, followed by long period of sunny, warm days.

All the best,


Roger G3XBM said...

Very many thanks HG for the weather outlook! :-)

Steve W said...

All coming across here fine, keep up the good work its makes Amateur Radio more enjoyable..

73 G1KQH