12 May 2014

Ten-Tec and Alpha Amplifiers merge (RF Concepts)

Apparently Alpha Amplifiers and Ten-Tec have merged creating a multi-million-dollar company with products that span QRP transceivers to full-legal-limit amplifiers.

Alpha Amplifiers has been building amplifiers since the early 1970s. Alpha Amplifiers are considered "the finest line of linear amplifiers in the world" (their words). Ten-Tec started in 1968 and mainly design and make transceivers. Both are world famous.

Sounds to me like the merger was needed to keep both companies afloat? Of course I may be totally wrong and both companies may be financially secure.

But, times are hard for manufacturers in the amateur radio world. This will become even more critical when the Chinese start really addressing the amateur market. Up to now, the Chinese have been "playing around in the wings".

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