12 May 2014

mcHF transceiver

Graham G8NWC has brought this QRP transceiver (the mcHF) to my attention.

See http://www.m0nka.co.uk/ .  It is described as a small and inexpensive homebrew HF transceiver.  Features (as listed on Chris M0NKA's website):
  • Standalone and compact embedded transceiver
  • Operates on USB, LSB, AM and CW
  • Large 2.8 inch color LCD
  • Four encoders and 17 buttons for easier operation
  • Fast and fully electronic RX/TX switching
  • Two USB ports – for PC control and external keyboard
  • Two temperature compensated oscillators/clocks makes it ideal for digital modes
  • Four digital filters – 1.8kHz, 2.6kHz, 3.6kHz and 10kHz
  • Built in Iambic Keyer that supports Mode A and Mode B
  • Large 48kHz spectrum display

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