9 May 2014

Good start on 10m today - disappointment later

Sunspot count 124 and 20-30MHz conditions supposed to be only "fair" so not expecting great things today.
10m WSPR 9.5.14 early morning
However, HS1EAX (9858km) was spotted on WSPR at 0902z and 4X1RF spotting me at good strength, so things are promising to the east.  Let us see how the remainder of the day develops. This 10m , so conditions can rapidly change.

UPDATE 1647z:   Well,, it looks like HS1EAX was the only excitement here on 10m today, with just 4X1RF, 4X1DA and European stations in evidence otherwise.  So far, disappointment.

UPDATE 1800z: Conditions 20-30MHz now shown as "good". Perhaps things on 10m will get better tonight?

UPDATE 1915z: Very strong signal from PY2RN (9550km) suggesting TEP.

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PE4BAS, Bas said...

Propagation doesn't seem promising. A-index is 20. So far I only heard some russian SSB on 10 at lunchtime here. Didn't have anything digital switched on then. 73, Bas