9 May 2014

Cornish 2m beacon GB3MCB

I have still to copy this beacon on my FT817ND and 3el from a decent site!  Beam heading is right, so I guess it must be too weak to copy except in lifts. I could copy GB3CTC years ago, weakly but 100% of the time, from a poorer site in this village on a 5el with more lossy coax.  Is GB3MCB much weaker in East Anglia or is it me? I am listening on 144.4690MHz with a 250Hz filter, so very surprised not to have had even a brief ping to ID it by. Is the beacon GPS locked? Is the 2m beacon transmitting even? I am beginning to think it is off-air.

By contrast GB3NGI (further away in N.Ireland) is nearly copyable all the time.


Pencoys said...

Just had a look for GB3MCB, Roger. I'm in IO70je near Redruth and I can't hear it on my 5/8th vertical. The keepers have been having some minor problems with their site recently so it may be off-air temporarily

Roger G3XBM said...

Pencoys - thank you. If off the air that could explain why I cannot (yet) hear it.