3 May 2014

GB3NGI - there again today

A few moments ago I came into the shack to start 10m WSPR (immediately spotted by 4X1RF).

I turned on the other rig to 144.482MHz CW and the GB3NGI N.Ireland beacon (530km) was immediately copied and is still there keying away with callsign, QTH locator and a dash. Maybe this is audible more often than not?  It may be GPS locked as the frequency is very accurate. Here it is spot on 144.482MHz dial.

Someone asked about the noise floor here on 2m. Well, currently I am lucky as on any beam heading man made noise is very low, not lifting the FT817ND's S-meter at all. For reasons I don't understand it is quieter here than at the old QTH which was on the village edge. Maybe the slightly greater distance from other houses is helping? I can hear the odd whistle as I tune through the beacon band. These are very weak though.

Back on 10m, nothing around yet apart from 4X1RF. Conditions 20-30MHz are meant to be "good". Not here as yet!  On 10m WSPR RX only a few wispy traces, none decoded.

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