3 May 2014

10m - South America

At the moment I am spotting CX2ABP (11127km, 5W)) on 10m WSPR. The band is open(ing) to that part of the world, although there are no signs yet of North Americans. Maybe these stations will appear later?  No other South Americans yet seen.  Just 4X1RF (Israel) and DK6UG (Germany) around closer to home.

On 2m, beacon GB3NGI (530km) is still coming in here just above the noise - callsign and QTH locator can be copied.  I have not listened for other beacons yet.  Quite amazed the Northern Ireland beacon near Ballymena is so consistent here. I don't think conditions on 2m tropo are above average?  Should I expect to copy some beacons at 530km regularly? Seems like this is a good one.  Not sure about GB3ANG (near Dundee) yet - will have to beam further north to see.

Based on these 2m CW beacons, WSPR or JT9 at similar ranges should be possible for stations with even small beams. I did have a quick try on 10m JT9 (supposed to be just 2dB worse than WSPR but fully 2-way) but no stations seen. A 2W CQ brought no replies.


David (G0LRD) said...

N-S path seems to be nicely open now. Just completed on JT65 with LW5DBR at -9 dB SNR in both directions. I'm still struggling to find anyone using JT9 on 10m.

David (G0LRD) said...

Further to the above, I just had a continuous run of JT65 QSOs to the following: LU8FJH, LW2EIY, CE6UBP, LU8EX, CX8AF.

Roger G3XBM said...

Good stuff David.