23 May 2014

G4IKZ weaker today

Nick, G4IKZ (18km) is weaker this morning, I assume because he has pointed his beam in a slightly different direction. Others copied today are G4KPX (14km) and CN8LI (2113km) yet again.

Sunspot count is down to 70 today but 20-30MHz conditions are "normal".  Maybe 10m will be less good today?  I shall stick with 6m Es searching.on WSPR.

UPDATE 1742z:  All afternoon it has been G4IKZ alone with 20+ spots since lunch.   Apart from CN8LI's spots several times before lunch no Es noticed on 6m today (well not yet).

UPDATE 2125z:  Still no sign of Es this evening.  Will be closing down soon.

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