23 May 2014

10m antenna

Homebase-10 10m halo antenna
My reports on 10m seem to be a bit down on those received by others. This may be due to the directionality of my end-fed PAR wire antenna that also covers 20m and 40m or just that the Par antenna is down on a better 10m antenna. I am wondering whether to erect a vertical for 10m (noisy on RX?) or my 10m Homebase-10 horizontal halo antenna which was featured some years ago in PW magazine and is described on my website.

The Homebase-10 antenna worked well and is nearly omni-directional. My problem is where should it go? Although quite a low visual impact antenna, it needs a mast to get it up in the air and in the clear. Something else would have to come down to make room and I like the antennas I have up at the moment.

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