4 May 2014

First 70cm beacon copied - 70cm PI7CIS

This morning, I managed to copy the 70cm beacon at PI7CIS (by ear) using my 5 ele yagi. On  my FT817ND dial it was at 432.41536MHz, somewhat lower than the supposed frequency (432.416MHz) , as a result of RX drift at my end and thermal drift of the TX. I would guess it is at least 10dB down on the co-sited 2m beacon. Neither signals move the FT817ND's S-meter. As my first 70cm SSB/CW reception I was very pleased. Conditions may be marginally up in that direction, but not by very much.

It looks like this 70cm beacon is just below the noise floor here normally, so a slight lift is needed to detect it.

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Anonymous said...

You probably know that PI7CIS on 70cm is off air at the moment Roger but try the new Belgian beacon ON0VHF on 432.450MHz.
I have heard it every day at my location since I started listening for it last week. I may have to wait several minutes but eventually it rises above the noise for at least a few seconds.
Best wishes, John (G8AKF).