4 May 2014

Early start on 10m WSPR

Switched on 10m WSPR at 0850z this morning.

There are a few EU stations (Spain and Italy) coming in by sporadic-E (Es)  as well as FR1GZ (9724km) on Reunion Is in the Indian Ocean.

Sunspot count is 121 with 20-30MHz conditions described as "poor".

UPDATE 1130z:  Puzzled why I was spotting lots of stations but no-one was spotting me,  I realised I had my external LS output muted (doh!) so no modulation was being applied to the TX!  When (easily) fixed I was immediately spotted on 10m by 4X1RF at a strong -5dB S/N on WSPR. What with precise frequency, clock and audio, there are a lot of things to set when running WSPR and similar modes.

UPDATE 1228z: No more spots until 4X1RF spotted me again at 1222z. Conditions do seem poor.

Recent 10m WSPR spot
UPDATE 1508z: Mainly Israel and one report from Brazil, so far, on 10m WSPR. 

UPDATE 1915z:  Looks like we were lucky to see South American openings this afternoon and this evening (just been spotted by CX2ABP). A few Es signals in evidence now too. No sign of North Americans (yet) - maybe later?
UPDATE 2130z:  All has gone quiet with 4X1RF last spotting me over 2 hours ago.

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David (G0LRD) said...

Hi Roger,
I've been seeing aircraft doppler on your WSPR transmissions. You might be interested in my blog on this topic: