18 May 2014

ARRL website - crap!

Don't lose your user name or ID or you may never get in again!

I was a 90 day guest member, decided to join for one year on a special offer. Lost my user name (PC crashed) so asked ARRL for help getting back in to read QST etc.. 6 days later (6 DAMN days!!!!) and not a single reply from ARRL. What a load of tossers!  They have now had 3 emails.

Next year, it is very unlikely I shall rejoin.  This level of member support is totally pathetic. I am not at all impressed with their "help". If you lose you user name it appears the on-line help does not help at all, but (so far) neither does emailing ARRL!

How can a national society's website be totally inaccessible to paid up members? How come ARRL is so bad at supporting its members?


mike said...

Most people use their callsign as ARRL username. Have you tried entering this on the ARRL website?

73, Mike G4GOC

Roger G3XBM said...

Yes tried that! G3XBM was the user name for my trial subscription nand it just tells me my subscrition hs expired!

Anonymous said...

Dunno. Cannot complain. I had a recent issue with accessing my account and they got me up and running within the day.

73 Jan DK3LJ

Roger G3XBM said...

That was good Dan. I had expected a similar level of (good and fast) service but was left bitterly disappointed.