18 May 2014

10m and 6m

Sunspot number 146 and the 20-30MHz forecast is "normal" so it is anyone's guess what 10m will be like today.  I am now monitoring (and TXing) on 6m WSPR but all is very quiet on that band so far with just locals G4IKZ and G4KPX copying me so far, and very well. Things on 6m (and 10m) can rapidly change of course and that is half the fun.

On 6m there is a decent level of  European activity, so if  Es appears I should be spotted. 6m is a nice challenge right now. On 10m I pretty well know who will copy me when the band opens by F2 and 6m QRP is a good new experience on  WSPR.  Spots from 4X1 were a real surprise a few days ago.  6m at the moment is likely to be mainly Es but there is just a chance of some F2 layer propagation.

UPDATE 1535z:   IK1WVQ (1084km) spotted at -8dB S/N at 1528z on 6m WSPR. Some Es about.  A little later he was +9dB. Typical Es.

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