1 May 2014

10m WSPR - 0845z start today

An earlier 10m WSPR start today. Sunspot count 81 and 20-30MHz conditions "normal" so expect some Asians and South Americans and even a chance of N.America later in the day.

On 2m, the PI7CIS beacon (228km) is a consistent, if weak but fully readable, signal but the co-sited 70cm beacon cannot be detected at all.

By 0854z EX1UN and DL5ZBS had been spotted here and 4X1RF has spotted my 2W strongly twice. At 0907z FR1GZ (9724km) was spotted with a good signal. Everything as expected.

UPDATE 1120z: As well as a good crop of DX, there are plenty of EU stations in this morning's WSPR log including F, LA and DL These could well be by Es propagation.

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