30 Apr 2014

10m WSPR this evening and (maybe) PI7CIS UHF?

Because of various non-radio factors I was " late on parade" getting on 10m WSPR today. I did not turn the rig on until 1750z. As yet, no spots given or received, but sunspot count is 80, and 20-30MHz conditions supposed to be "poor" with quite disturbed conditions.

UPDATE 1834z:  At 1832z just spotted CE3YP (Chile, 5W, FF46qn, 11742km) at -24dB S/N.

The other RX (70cms on the 5el beam), may have detected faint traces of the PI7CIS beacon on 70cms. Signals were well LF of the indicated beacon frequency (about 1kHz) and were too weak to copy the callsign. There was something there for about 5secs at RST229. Looks like this beacon will only be copied under lift conditions.

UPDATE 1915z:  At 1906z PY2RN (9550km) was spotted at -14dB S/N. A little later he was -9dB.

UPDATE 2030z:  No further reports in the last hour.  Unless there are very late surprises, like last night, this is probably it for tonight. I was surprised to spot Chile and Brazil on 10m WSPR!

UPDATE 2100z:  I have closed the station for the night.  A last look for PI7CIS (UHF beacon) was not successful.

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