28 Apr 2014

All systems go

With the 3/5el VHF/UHF beam erected and the Par HF end-fed up again I feel I am "all systems go" again here. Reports from 4 countries on 40m WSPR, a report from WB2TQE (7097km) on 10m, reports exchanged with 4X1RF and received from DK6UG on 10m, the HF system is working fine.

On VHF, the Kent and Dutch 2m beacons were received well this morning thanks to the new small beam.

I now feel I have a decent little QRP station for the bands I'm interested in. Just need to improve the earth-electrode baseline on 630m.

UPDATE 1625z:   Most reports this afternoon are of and from 4X1RF, with just one stateside report on 10m WSPR.

UPDATE 1755z:   4X1RF and now 4X1DA and M0ITF (170km).  Stateside absent more or less apart from WB2TQE  just once reporting my 2W WSPR at 1228z.

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