27 Apr 2014

3 el/5el beam

VHF/UHF beam with V2000, 2m halo and HF Par antenna behind
The dual band 2m/70cm beam is erected and is working now the useless Moonraker crimped coax connectors at both ends of the low loss Westflex coax have been replaced by decent soldered connectors. Andrew G6ALB also restrung my Par 10/20/40m end fed back up so I am now operational as follows:

630m Earth-electrode 15m baseline

40m Par end-fed
20m Par end-fed
10m Par end-fed

The Par also matches on 60m and 30m via the auto-ATU.

6m V2000 vertical
2m 3el horizontal and halo
2m V2000 vertical
70cm 5 el horizontal
70cm V2000 vertical

This means I am decently equipped for the bands I am mainly interested in. The dual band yagi is small and cannot easily be seen from the front of the house. The most I run is 5W pep, although I use 2W mostly and just 5mW ERP on 472kHz. 2W is more than enough to be copied all around the planet on 40m, 20m and 10m.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger, pleased to see your getting better. What model of yagi is it? How high? Is it rotatable?

Simon. M3HXE

Roger G3XBM said...

Simon, M3HXE,

The 5el UHF and 3el VHF are on the same boom and fed with 1 cable with low SWR. Antenna seems to work as expected. Height of antenna above ground is about 6m and ground is about 20m ASL. Antenna pole is hand rotated out of the window next to the shack. Seem to be able to peak beacons OK. Antenna not too sharp so this method is fine and quick.