10 Apr 2014

6m TEP in the Far East and 10m propagation today

Looking at the 6m spots on WSPRnet.com I note the many trans-equatorial spots of VK4TVL by JF1PSS (6176km) with some being of incredible strength (+11dB S/N ) and no drift at all. The VK is running 20W, but even 2W would be enough. Local time looks like early evening.

Over here, I can see no South African or other African WSPR stations active making 6m TEP attempts here a waste of time.
Later unique 10m WSPR spots of my 2W until 1744z.
No great DX here this morning on 10m with EA8/DL9XJ best DX at 2981km  (single hop F layer). There are also a couple of GDX stations at 162 and 184km.

The first transatlantic spot was at 1108z when W4HFZ was copyable at 6819km. He was using 5W. There are other 4 area stations being copied too. The pattern this afternoon is similar to previous days on 10m.

My best DX today is FR1GZ (9724km) at 1550z. Just now I was spotted by VE6ODQ (6640km) in DO34ir (Athabasca).

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