3 Apr 2014

630m - very quiet so far

With so little local and semi-local activity, I am getting no WSPR results so far this evening on the 630m band. This is more to do with low activity than the earth-electrode antenna system. Lack particularly of G activity is a serious issue: I shall have to abandon the band (with QRP ERP at least) unless more Gs and nearer continentals become active.

UPDATE 1830z:  PA3ABK/2  (306km) was a strong -8dB S/N at 1814z. No-one else!

UPDATE 1915z:  a few spots of me by G6AVK (78km).  No-one else so far this evening.

UPDATE 1940z:  F4DTL (431km) and DF2JP (461km) spotted.

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