8 Apr 2014

481THz QRSS3 beaconing across the garden

Last night I fired up my 481THz optical kit with poor results: I think the RX unit may have a flat PP3 battery? On the Spectran display the QRSS3 signal bounced off trees and bushes should be very easy to spot, but for an unknown reason, I was struggling.  I shall recheck all the kit today. The kit has to be well focused and working well to work DX non line of sight (NLOS), which is my plan soon.

My stroke symptoms (poor balance and clumsiness) are really not helping: tasks that were very easy last year are very hard this, well at present they are.  Before my wife and I venture out into the dark fens, I want there to be a good chance of success, which means good and thorough preparation.


Bert, PA1B said...

Dear Roger, When I once tested a loop antenna, I walked around the neighborhood with a shortwave receiver, in the DARK. I was not paying attention, so I stumbled into a puddle. hi. So please take care. 73, Bert

Roger G3XBM said...

Good point Bert. Both TX and RX are indoors for these tests, in different rooms in the house.