8 Apr 2014

10m late starting today

10m WSPR this afternoon
10m was very slow to get going today and it was not until 1404z that OZ7IT was spotted on WSPR.  Then, there was some some choice DX such as TJ3TS (5478km) and PY2RN  (9550km), the latter who spotted my 2W first at 1446z and several times later in the afternoon.  A few hours later K9AN (6505km) was coming through. Most DX is N-S and transatlantic almost absent. There were some more US stations on later.  ZS6PCO (9100km) was spotted at 1712z. After 1834z most spots are of my 2W from stations in the USA.  It is almost as if someone turned the switch on late today!

Some of the early evening 10m WSPR spots by stateside stations
UPDATE 2130z:  10m is still wide open to the USA. This is quite remarkable after the appalling conditions in the morning.

Later in the cycle, when there are far fewer sunspots, the band will come to life only very briefly and sporadically. In many ways these will be MORE interesting times. This is as long as WSPR operators hold faith with the band even when days go by with not a signal to be heard. I have regularly heard S.Americans on SSB in the solar minimum years. WSPR should be a lot easier.

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PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, missed TJ again on wspr 10m. I would be a new one for me. I'm WSPRing for 8 years now so also in the solar minimum. It is difficult at 10m at those times. Succes not guaranteed but with some ES there are possebilities. Some of my early 10m WSPR in 2010 here: http://pe4bas.blogspot.nl/2010/04/wspr-10m-eqsl-klok.html

73, Bas