25 Apr 2014

472kHz spots from G3XIZ

During the day time I get -15/-16dB S/N spots on 472kHz WSPR from Chris Osborn G3XIZ who is 46km away. G3XIZ is about 20dB stronger here, which is about right for the ERP difference (500mW to 5mW).  At night, my reports are poorer, probably because the local noise at G3XIZ is higher? This all seems about right.

Chris has seen my WSPR on 137kHz from the old QTH, but with the 15m  baseline earth-electrode antenna at this newer QTH 137kHz would be marginal or not good enough except perhaps when the band is exceptionally quiet. A longer baseline earth-electrode antenna may allow the path to Chris to be useable on 137kHz again. It may be some time before I can find out.

UPDATE April 26th 0900z:   G3XIZ says my WSPR sigmal is strong enough for a CW QSO. We must have a go sometime.

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