17 Mar 2014

Stateside on 10m again

My 10m 2W WSPR station is on now and getting plenty of stateside spots. A typical 2 mins TX burst gets 2-4 spots with most of these being from the USA and Canada. The earliest transatlantic spot (of me) was at 1118z, which is very early. These first class conditions cannot last, although I suspect next autumn will be good to the USA still.

UPDATE 1445z: I have now dropped my power to 500mW and am still getting plenty of USA WSPR spots with best DX 8756km to N6RY.  In 90 minutes there were 24 spots in the log when running 500mW out.

UPDATE 1725z: 41 spots of my 500mW 10m WSPR signal and most are transatlantic this afternoon. Plenty of reports still coming through. Suspect the band will be open transatlantic for hours yet.

UPDATE 1848z: 3 spots of my 1846z 10m 500mW transmission with best DX 6384km at a STRONG -8dB S/N.

UPDATE 1910z:  Still wide open to the USA with a report from  KI7CI at 8307km.   It could be a while yet before conditions drop out, or it might suddenly drop off.

UPDATE 1928z:  no less than 7 (yes 7) spots of my 500mW signal in a single transmission and ALL USA reports.

UPDATE 2014z: 3 spots with best DX 7660km. Band STILL wide open, even with 500mW. Even at 2020z still, getting stateside reports.

UPDATE 2040z:  10m still wide open but my last spot was at 2102z.
10m WSPR on RX - still wide open at 2042z

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