25 Mar 2014

One more day on 6m

For the last few days I have been patiently trying to find some TEP-Es on 6m WSPR, to no avail. Although 6m TEP (trans-equatorial propagation) is being reported in Israel, Italy, the Balearics and Morocco, here in the UK all remains quiet. I have only spotted a couple of G stations at around 70km - absolutely nothing else!

Although I shall try again tomorrow, that will probably be my last day. A pity as I was quite hoping we might get an Es opening to link up to some TEP, but it looks unlikely now that I shall be in luck.

Later this week I may return to VLF earth-mode if I can optimise my TX earth-electrode match at 8.97kHz and re set-up my RX loop. My wife will have to drive me to my usual test sites as I am not allowed to drive yet.

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