24 Mar 2014

6m Trans-equatorial propagation (TEP) - update

Again today, Israel, Morocco and Italy have been enjoying TEP propagation deep into the Southern Hemisphere on 6m. In vain, I've been on 6m too hoping that some early Es might link me into the 6m TEP propagation areas. Up to now I have had no luck at all, copying just G6AVK and G3XGS only on 6m WSPR at around 70km.

Here is another TEP article: http://www.qsl.net/vk2kfj/tep.html . This states that TEP can occur up to at least 432MHz.  I'd settle for a little at 50MHz!


Paul Stam said...

Too much openings into the south of Europe, I can't wait the band open up for us as well.

Roger G3XBM said...

Paul, at the moment the TEP is just missing us in our northern latitudes. We need some Es to help us with the first 1500km or so.

I suspect Doppler from planes and F path flutter near the equator won't help either.

I have copied ZS before (1990?) on 6m SSB, but this was F2 when conditions on 6m were excellent.