20 Mar 2014

Last day on 10m?

It is probable that today will be my last day on 10m for a while as I am no longer gaining data by being active on the band. 500mW, even with my compromise antenna, is enough to be spotted all over the world. I may try MF again, 60m or even 6m for some TEP, although there is sadly very little activity on 6m in this part of the world.

Last night, my last spot with 500mW on 10m was K9AN  at 6505km at 2114z, along with others. I spotted other transatlantic 10m signals until 2134z.

This morning, my 10m 500mW WSPR is reaching LZ1OI and 4X1RF only - conditions seem less good than recent days. I wonder how soon transatlantics will appear today? Sunspot count is 137 and conditions stable - looks quite promising.

I notice that  EX1UN (5423km) was being decoded here as early as 0628z today. PA4PS (436km), in JO33 square, is being regularly copied, I presume by tropo or backscatter. My first USA report today (10m 500mW) was AI4RY at 1228z at  6931km.

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Paul Stam said...

Hi Roger, maybe you're right. I just fired up my FT817 with 0,5 watts on 10m WSPR. 73 Paul