19 Mar 2014

10m - overwhelmed by results

Just 500mW on 10m WSPR seems to get spectacular results with the band in its current excellent shape. As conditions go downhill as we slide down from the peak more power will help, for certain.

34 unique reports at 500mW in the last 24hrs alone:
10m 500mW WSPR - 34 unique spots in last 24hrs


g4fre said...

It was also nice to see the reverse path working from Texas:-

2014-03-19 19:34 WW2R 28.126101 -27 1 EM13pc 1 G3XBM JO02dg 7596 41

Not bad for an alexloop on the balcony


Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Dave. At this end I am using a Par 10/20/40 end fed at about 13-15 ft AGL. The rig is an FT817ND. Glad to have spotted you.