23 Feb 2014

26 uniques on 474.2kHz

25 uniques on 474.2kHz WSPR with15m baseline E-W earth-electrode antenna and 5-10mW ERP
The total number of unique spots of my 5-10mW ERP 474.2kHz WSPR signal from the E-W 15m baseline earth-electrode antenna has now reached 26 stations with best DX last night of F1JBB way down in SW France, Nr Santes, at 722km. Since this table was created G4NRG has spotted me for spot no.26 at 58km.

I'll leave things running overnight tonight.  The earth-electrode antenna does not show pronounced directionality, which is a bit puzzling as it throws into doubt the "loop in the ground" theory. I would have expected reports from N-S to have been much weaker than E-W directions.

The ~15m baseline earth-electrode antenna has now exceeded ALL my expectations for it with DX reception at least as good as with the 20m baseline earth-electrode antenna at the old QTH.

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