13 Feb 2014

IC703 and FT817 Mk II

Some years ago I sold my mint 10W IC703 (with 50MHz and auto ATU) to a local ham at well below market price. Without doubt, the IC703 is an excellent radio and an ideal main station rig for QRPers and Foundation licence holders. Power can be turned down to 500mW or up to 10W. There was a PA design fault that was corrected on my radio.  The DSP does a credible job as does the TX RF based speech processor. The IC703 is no longer being made.

I sold it as I have an FT817 that gets well used and basically does all I want, but I do regret selling then IC703 really. If I had my time again I would still be owning the unit, but it IS getting well used with the fellow ham locally. Before he was stuck with just 1-2W on 20m.
See https://sites.google.com/site/g3xbmqrp3/hf/ic703 for more about this rig. In my view, the internal ATU matches lots of different antennas. It really is a pretty well self-contained radio apart from the external battery or PSU.

All I want is for Yaesu to do an FT817 Mk II with a similar spec and internal battery pack but this now seems unlikely any time soon.

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