14 Feb 2014

10m Band Plan - some movement?

The RSGB is seeking views on band plans currently via their website forums (hard to navigate to in my opinion) and the outputs will go to the IARU later this year.

One possible recommendation is the extension of the wider band mode section on 10m from 29.1MHz down to 29MHz. 29 to 29.2MHz is the well used 10m AM sub-band, but changing the bandwidth allowed 29-29.1MHz (i.e no longer 2.7kHz) would mark a great advance over the current confused status of AM on 10m. It would be nice to have the words AM in the bandplan, but this is, sadly, unlikely. As I said before, it would appear the RSGB and IARU believe AM is a dead mode - if only they would actually listen 29 to 29.2MHz in a band opening.

If you have views, please share them on the RSGB's website.

This was John G3WKL's email pointing me to the right place on the RSGB's site. It is not exactly easy to find. The RSGB needs to make this easier if it wants peoples' comments! :


The relevant consultation topic is at
but if you are not registered for this new “forum” application it would be better to go in via
as that gives you the “register” link.

You’ll see that Ian has picked up on our earlier discussion concerning 29.1 MHz but you are welcome to post further comments.  Suggestions for new HF topics should be put in
and VHF matters in the appropriate topic under “C5 – VHF/microwave Matters”

73 John, G3WKL"

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John G4LRR said...

Roger thanks for taking this up. My thoughts were exactly the same as yours when I got my Radcom. I've just bought a cheap AM/FM CB transceiver from Maplins and converted it to 10M. The first thing I did was to work out which of the channels covered 29-29.1 MHZ. I don't like operating outside the band plans but this is ridiculous. It makes sense to keep away from the satellite allocation. That is the weak signal part of the band and I am sure anyone listening there would not appreciate a North American with 500 watts carrier to a 5 ele on an adjacent frequency. (I believe OSCAR 7 still pops up on 10M). 28-29 Mhz is more than enough for other modes it's more than Top band 80 40 and 30 added together. 29-29.1 is an oasis. I've tried the link to the RSGB but I can't take part as I have no email. I have no NOVs for the same reason as the RSGB ignored my request on how I could get one by post!
I see it is being proposed to allow AM/SSB on 27 Mhz in the UK. Maybe we should go there. After all it used to be an amateur band in some parts of the world! At least the RSGB couldn't impose a band plan on us there !
I think you were right to have a rant. It doesn't mean you are unreasonable. If something is wrong and you care about it then it's fine to speak out. Just hope it didn't put your blood pressure up too much as I don't think you need that at the moment !!