30 Jan 2014

WSPRnet database was down

This morning, the WSPRnet on-line database has been out of action, so it is not possible to see who is receiving transmissions. This is a handicap of WSPR: when the database works it is a great asset and help, but when down for any reason, the whole fun of WSPR disappears. At best, WSPR is really a QRP BEACONING system, not really a 2-way communications system. JT65-HF and JT9-1 are ideal for QRP 2-way communications on HF.

 As of 1500z, the database was still struggling - but there occasionally.

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Paul VA3PAW said...

Roger, I believe that's a valid observation from a TX-only perspective. In case of a full RX/TX or RX-only setup, the software shows what's heard at this location (spots) without using internet connection. Assuming that propagation is, usually, bi-directional (reciprocal), it gives a good picture of the band.