29 Jan 2014

Health Update

I have now been out of hospital for almost a month following my stroke, so thought I'd better update you on progress.

Well the good news is my walking is coming along quite well. Although I still need a stick, the Zimmer frame is now almost unused.  My wife and I do a 10 minute walk around the Close daily.  A couple of weeks ago I managed a 1 mile walk at Anglesey Abbey (NT). My main issue when  walking is giddiness. This is I believe improving. Another issue is feeling sick inside at certain times of the day. I sleep (usually) very well and for a long time at night. Getting around the home, even a stick is more for psychological support. I can get around OK apart from feeling giddy.

The BAD news is Community Stroke Support. I was told 1-2 week visits would be the norm, but I was, this week, told the waiting list is 13 weeks and I was 13th on the list! The CST refuse to leave messages on the phone and had I not chased them up, I would  never have known my status! This part of my post hospital recovery is PATHETIC.

My experience is NHS clinical care is usually excellent but simple communications around the NHS is appalling. If this was the private sector and MY company several people would be SACKED without delay. Really, communications in the NHS is APPALLINGLY bad generally. This is my experience, my wife's and my daughter-in-law's. It HAS to improve. The sad thing is so little needs to change to make it good and save money and give patients and families a better experience.

I have written to the DVLA but don't yet know how long they will withdraw my driving licence, but I assume for 12 months. I now have a blue disabled badge which allows easier parking when my wife drives us to the shops and National Trust properties.

Swallow is slowly improving. I eat a Weetabix and banana at breakfast and pureed food lunch and tea. I am also on an 8 hour liquid feed.

Overall, I am making progress steadily on all fronts, still doing my exercises more despite the NHS than thanks to the NHS. My own doctor and local surgery have been excellent. At the current rate I can expect to be back to near normal health in the late summer.

Today, Thursday, I wrote  an email of complant to the local NHS ,copied  my MP, James Paice MP. I am pleased to report the NHS listened and I got some positive action this afternoon (speech and language lady coming to my home this coming Monday).  It should not be necessary to do this to be heard. What if I was 85 and suffering from dementia?


Mark (K6HX) said...

Best wishes for your continued improvement Roger! Hang in there, and best wishes to your wife and family!

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Mark. I am pretty motivated to get better.

Tony M6CIH said...

Hello Roger,

It's very good to hear that you are recovering and will hopefully soon be your old self again and I'm sure all of us out in the Ham world think the same. I enjoy your postings and am looking forward to hearing more about your Ultimate 3 project as that might be something even I as a mere M6 like me could tackle hi. I think though that you are unwittingly being unkind to the CST staff as in general NHS, etc staff cannot risk leaving messages for their service users on answering machines as if the wrong person were to retrieve the msg then your patient confidentiality might be breached, which clearly would be unacceptable.

73 and best wishes for your further recovery

Tony M6CIH

Roger G3XBM said...

Tony,to NOT get a message and 3 weeks later STILL not know if they had received any info on me is plain stupid. At the very least they could have called me again. Sorry but it got me on a raw nerve.

Thanks for you kind wishes.

GW0KIG said...


Great to hear you are improving so well and its nice to read your blogs again. All the best to you and yours.


Julian Moss said...

Thanks for the update on your progress, Roger. Keep on getting better.

Julian, G4ILO

Steve W said...

Great News!

Best Wishes for the future, and of course your ham radio developments too!

73 G1KQH

Chris Jefferies said...

Good News Roger,

You're an inspiration to us all!