11 Aug 2013

The Chinese HF SSB/CW transceivers are REALLY coming.....

Steve G1KQH has alerted me to a new QRP HF multi-mode transceiver from China that is available on eBay. The English translation leaves a lot to be desired, but this again signals that the Chinese are starting to get very close to marketing credible HF transceivers that we can expect to see sold by the likes of Martin Lynch and Waters and Stanton. In my view we are 12 months away from this point, but when some really decent HF rigs become available be prepared for some VERY tough times for Yaesu, Icom and Kenwood.

See: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Whole-ham-kn920-kn-920-utrashort-wave-ham-radio-station-equipment-shiortwave-SW-free-shipping/926979_1075987935.html

On the same theme, Hamshop in the Czech Republic has announced it is the EU dealer for the single band KN-Q7A SSB transceivers from CRKITs in China. These are neat little single band 40 and 20m transceivers available as kits or ready built. They are getting rave reviews on eHam.net.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree that the English leaves a lot to be desired and the finish is somewhat 'garden shed' . Hopefully that will improve with time.
All the best.

M6CRD said...

PC connectivity/control, and use with common software packages would be my concern with the Chinese units. Info' is scant, a key area of interest for many. I suspect this is a hurdle the manufacturer would be wise to address. Hopefully these units will have an impact on existing market prices in the EU.

Anonymous said...

Every "new" Chinese radio I've looked at (if you can get the schematic in the first place) is horrible when it comes to design. Let's hope this $350 USD QRP radio is different - but I doubt it.

As for "Japanese" radios, until the Chinese up their quality, the Japanese are going to be OK. Just don't hold your breath waiting for a really well designed, built, and documented Chinese rig.

We know the likes of Icom have been gouging us for ages. But Yaesu has moved in the right direction with the FT450D - just not far enough.

Then there's Alinco...

Alinco has the DX-SR8T/E transceiver that used to go for around $550 USD but has climbed to $598 due to very high demand. This is a full-sized full-spec, no-nonsense double-conversion superhet rig with high-IF and 100W output. The only problem with the DX-SR8T/E is that the minimum selectivity out of the box is 2.4KHz.

Compare the $550 DX-SR8T/E with that $350 Chinese QRP radio. Then it's your call.

Alinco's new entry is the DX-SR9T. This is a 100W Hybrid analog/SDR transceiver that for some inexcusable reason still has a minimum selectivity specification of 2.4KHz. The DX-SR9T goes for around $790 USD, which while not as low as the DX-SR8T/E, is still low enough to make demand far outstrip their ability to supply this radio.

Every one of these Alinco radios that comes off their straining production line goes right into the hands of a cash paying customer. So the likes of Greedy Icom and Kenwood may be under pressure from home - but only if Alinco can up the production rate.

73's, David WB4ONA

Fred VE3FAL said...

Got one last week from LiWenYou at aliexpress, very fast shipping to Canada, took 5 days via FedEX to my door.
So what can I say, well, not a Elecraft radio, or a FT-817. The X1M seems to have a better receive then the KN-920.
Lots of birdies across the bands from the DDS.
Obviously information on menus and sub-menues is nill.
AM mode is crap, better to be in USB to listen to shortwave stations or WWV.
Cooling fan noisy and extra draw on power consumption.
Tuning finicky if dial spun too quick.
Computer control would be nice via the USB on back.
After calling cq in CW the radio stays keyed for about 2 seconds and still motor-boats.
Now on the other hand:
Nice silk screening.
Large display.
Case looks well built and finished nicely.
Would I buy this radio, probably noy because there is much better stuff on the market.


Fred VE3FAL said...

Since my last report I was in the middle of a 20 meter cw qso when power supply and radio both shut down. The IRF530s crapped out burning off foil trace. Compnany asks if I can repair is about all the help I have got. Awaiting a few replacement IRFs now.

Anonymous said...

There is a new "HF One MKII - cheap mobile transceiver with SDR technology"
30KHz to 30MHz and only supports CW and SSB as standalone but using the I/Q you could demodulate any signal you'd like
- US$ 300 + shipping

Dom said...

Can you please post a link/URL to the MKii?